Kushal Chakrabarti — Official Bio


Unofficial Bio

I love building things that matter.

“Official” Bio

Kushal is the founder & CEO of TalentWorks, an AI-driven “jobs assistant” that helps millions of everyday Americans get the job they deserve. In short, through a combination of sophisticated machine learning and mentorship, we can guarantee that you’ll get the job you deserve — 90% of our users get interviews in 60 days or less.

Previously, Kushal led fast-moving, high-leverage teams in education (Vittana) and machine learning (Amazon) and made his bones in large-scale probabilistic modeling (UC Berkeley, Human Genome Project). He was named Social Innovator of the Year in 2013, one of Seattle’s Top 40 People Under 40 in 2010 and #1 Philanthropy Game-Changer by 1.7M Huffington Post readers in 2009. He’s a frequent speaker on using tech for good and has appeared in everything from the Daily Caller and Fox News to The New York Times and TED.

In his free time, Kushal has raced Ironman triathlons, trained guide dogs and dabbled in photography. He lives in Sausalito with his pediatrician fiancée, 11-year-old cat and 7-year-old German Shepherd.